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Soulbeads stands for unique, creative and premium bracelets for men with an emphasis on personality and durability.


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Soulbeads objective

Originality, spirituality and tough masculinity are the starting points in our designs. The designs are inspired by the form contrasts of authentic and antique elements in combination with premium quality beads which results in absolutely unique creations. The bracelets are custom made by hand for each customer.

Bracelets for him and her, our story and vision...

Every creation, especially within the ethnic collection is unique and always made or available as a single object !. More about Soulbeads

Our latest collections

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Casual End and Beginning


Casual Happy Melon


Why Soulbeads?


Our style and designs are unique! Our designs radiate an alternative personality and consciousness.

  Premium quality

We only use self-selected quality beads, minerals and precious stones.


Onze service bestaat erin herstellingen uit te voeren tegen verzendings- en eventuele onderdelenkosten ingeval van breuk of beschadiging.


Because of the many years of experience by Soulbeads, we guarantee exclusively customized bracelets!

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