Ethnic based bracelets for men

Every creation, especially within the ethnic collection is unique and always made or available as a single object !


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About Us

Bracelets for him and her, our story and vision...

Bracelets for him and her, our story and vision...

We believe that you reflect what you are. We made this our passion and want to share this with others who think likewise. Your bracelet is an essential visible element of your style.

The love and wearing of bracelets emerged on our travels through the Asian countries. India, Nepal, Tibet, Bali ... left unforgettable impressions. Each time we came back as a person with new insights. My bracelets helped me to hold on to these feelings and to turn them into a continuous awareness in daily Western life.

Gradually, fascinated by this way of "being", a world of mysticism and beauty of prayer stones, beads, malas and beads from all over the world and religions opened up. Stones and books were quoted and devoured. SoulBeads grew so driven by the idea that natural beauty and craftsmanship can reflect peace, compassion and spiritual principles.

A sign of good intentions and striving for a better world for everyone ... Namaste!

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